Sunday, December 30, 2018

#YOU - My #OneWord for 2019

     One year ago I posted about #Faith, my #OneWord2018. One of my true inspirations, Jon Gordon wrote about Fear and Faith and how they are both interconnected, but can either drive you forward, or backward. They both deal with an unknown future. As I reflect on my #Faith from 2018, I know in many instances it pushed my #Fear back and allowed me to experience risk, growth and the unknown with a an enormous donkey style kick!
     Fast forward 365 days and I find myself in a place of service. I NEED to serve YOU first. I WANT to do more for YOU. No matter who you are, or what you do, I would like to help you learn, grow, reflect, thrive, take risks, challenge yourself, or whatever else it takes!
     For 53 years, I have been supported by so many amazing people. Of course, Mom and Dad, my sister Marian, Piper, SG, Ricky, Johnny, Hoads, Zip, Eddie, Rich Roll, Gavin, Woody, Mani, Pete and too many others to name. I've only gotten where I am because of the #YOU I've been given. Whether it be money, food, rent, transportation, advice, clothing, confidence, a slap in the face, stern reality check, and a myriad of the other ways to be supported. I know that I can no longer grow, achieve, kick butt, or move forward without helping #YOU. #YOU are my focus and my motivation this year.
I've been broke. I've needed counseling. I may have needed cleansing and clean eating. Maybe it was a ride, or a new church and a connection with GOD. Help with anxiety, depression and humility. 3 shoulder surgeries, and spinal surgery? Yes, I have needed it all, and now it is Your turn.
     Most that know me, find me genuine. I do what I say and I follow through. I will die for family and friends. I don't like fake, lying, or people that can't be genuine. I was turned down by 4 publishers for my children's book manuscript, until Mandy and Sarah (EduMatch) said, "Hey, we love what you have to say Jeff, we'll learn with you!" They were thinking of #ME.
     So, I kid you not, in the spirit of one of the most amazing men I admire, Jon Corippo, who toutes "Lifetime PD" and means it. Please, let me know what I can do for #YOU. If I can't figure it out, I have an amazing lifeline and #PLFamily to help me navigate the shark infested waters. So, in 2019, even if you don't subscribe to a #OneWord focus, whatever it is, remember me, because I want to help #YOU.

#pushboundEDU #OneDropOfKindness #joyfulleaders #CompelledTribe

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How Mary Poppins can inspire our education

I recently saw “Mary Poppins Returns” with my family, and it got my mind all revved up!I was skeptical at first, being a very true and committed fan of Julie Andrews and DickVan Dyke, but it was so fantastic! Also, many of Mary’s quotes, sayings, andmannerisms moved my mind into fast gear with comparisons of the #EduWorld.Without being a spoiler, I’ll stick to some quotes, and why I think we, as educatorscan learn a few things from our umbrella wielding British nanny.
“YOU’VE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A CHILD” - This, to me, has becomean epidemic in education today. Not only have most adults forgotten what being a childis like, but, many I would argue, ever had a childhood! (I’m kidding, but you get the gist). The lack of play, laughing, fun, excitement and joy throughout classrooms and school yards is shocking. Not only in the schools I’ve worked in, but from what I read about daily across the country - is mind blowing. Compliance. Strict Rules. Unnecessary Homework. Reading for Fun. Lack of PE. Minimal Recess. Teachers not engaging in the lessons and play with students. The list goes on and on.Maybe as a prerequisite to our new teacher programs there should be a class called“Bring Back Fun into the School 101”. This class could focus on how to be childlike.Game playing. Laughing. Joke Telling. Lessons with Kindness embedded.I mean, come on my friends. Do the people that write the syllabus’ and scripts forthese programs do any research about what engages kids? What the job skill setwill be in the next 5 years? How important Educator passion is? Let’s rethink ourobjectives that new educators need to bring into a classroom, and in my view,memories of a childhood is one.
“FOR WHEN YOU DREAM, YOU’LL FIND ALL THAT’S LOST, IS FOUND.” - Whilemany things in education have been tossed, lost, forgotten and reiterated, there aresome things that perhaps should not have gone away.1. Reading Instruction: Where has it gone? In the early 1955, Rudolf Flesch penned “Why Johnny Can’t Read: And What You Can Do About It”. This book not only taught us the “look-say” method, but it inspired Dr. Seuss to write “The Cat in the Hat”. Most schools do very little in the way of phonics, decoding, fluency, letters, sounds, blending and actual reading instruction, which in turn, has also lessened our focus of fun, recreational and pleasure reading! In May of this year, education writer at Forbes, Natalie Wexler wrote a follow up article to Mr. Flesch’s called “Why Johnny Still Can’t Read -- And What To Do About It”. Check it out, Ihighly encourage you. Not all students are going to be great readers, writers,or Literature Professors, but reading is still a lifelong skill.2. Coding - Why is this not a mandated course in every Elementary School? And Why aren’tdoing this daily in every school? This is a disservice to our youngsters. Notevery child will become a programmer, but coding has so many benefits: It is shownto help with creativity, math, communication, writing, and confidence. Jobssuch as; Game developers, engineers, web developers, McDonald's cashiers, Hospitals,Magazines, Retailers, and many more require knowledge of coding. Why do some schools only use “Hour of Code” for students to access this opportunity? There are so many easy, fun, and applicable platforms that make it seamless to bring into classrooms today!,,, and hundreds more! How can we NOT be doing this?3. Physical Education - Ok, I get it. There is just not enough time for PE. Wait, are youkidding? Have you seen some of our youngsters lately across the U.S.A?The last time I checked, the US was about 10th in overall obesity rates for children under theage of 18. Not only is exercise what each child (yes, through High School!) needs, butit is a must for them to live a longer life. Not that each child will be the next Olympic, LPGA, NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, or NCAA star, most of today’s children just don’t move enough.This lack of activity leads can lead to not only many health concerns (High blood pressure (hypertension), Type 2 diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Osteoarthritis, Endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder and liver cancer. Mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Exercise does reduce stress, anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, and can increase; stamina, mindfulness and focus to name a few. I am fortunate to work in a school district where Physical Education is a 3x per week class, and outdoor play is highly encourage. While I’d love to see PE daily in Elementary schools, there are some places that do absolutely none. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Can you believe it? How are these students supposed to sit still in class? (other than compelling and highly engaging lesson design). Our kids not only deserve it, they NEED it!
I’ll leave you with this last quote from our lovely friend (btw Emily Blunt crushes her new role, for the early naysayers) “ IN EVERY JOB THAT MUST BE DONE, THERE ISAN ELEMENT OF FUN.” - Please. Remember you why. Your passion. Your mission.Your drive. If we just add a little more Mary Poppins to our day, not only would theworld be a better place, but our students would undoubtedly thrive as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Student Voice and Choice in Writing?

Last week, my wonderful wife Piper, told me she noticed how happy I am when I write. As I reflected on that and agreed, it also dawned on me that yes, I love to write. Not only that, but I get to CHOOSE what I write!
Many times, as adults we get to choose what we do. From the food we eat, to the cars we drive, the jobs we have, the clothing we wear and especially what we READ and WRITE! This is something I believe we take for granted. Imagine how many times per day, WE get to choose, but students do NOT. It’s crazy. While our amazing teachers are doing so many wonderful things throughout the day: planning, instructing, counseling, listening, managing, nurturing, and much more, shouldn’t they change, grow and evolve too? Education is a two-way street and I believe it is time that students are given a a ticket on the toll road to travel.
Why don’t we include, invite and allow students more of this same opportunity in school? After all, it is their education last time I checked. It really is time to drop down the compliance walls of regimented and factory schooling. Not tomorrow, or after the Standardized tests next week, but the time is now.
I’m always amazed to see student writing in classrooms, as it varies so much. Not only by grade level, but; style, pedagogy, mood, depth of knowledge on teaching writing and other variables come in to play as well.
Some teachers like to completely control the entire process. 100% direct teaching, but with minimal modeling. Others, do some nice modeling, invite a bit of student voice, but don’t go through the process. Then there is the group that just wings it: no clue, just open a Teachers Edition and go for it.
             Hold on cowboy, it’s not all doom and gloom! Lately, there has been a small revolution of epic writing across the campus I call home. Some teachers are deeply interested in Student Voice, and Student Choice. Two of my EduHeroes, Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter (Co-authors of Let Them Speak) would be so proud. First, teachers may select the genre that follows their grade level or District curriculum, then, nice, clear step by step instruction, modeling, and scaffolding where needed. Now comes the fun part; Student Choice on WHAT to write and Student VOICE on rubric development. This is when the magic happens. When students have a say in what they are going to put time, effort and grit in, we will always get a better return on the process and end product.
Regardless if you are using an adopted curriculum or EduProtocols, Lucy Calkings, Six Traits, Writing by Design, Write Now or others, students must have voice in rubric building and topics. Why? Because they deserve it. They need it. They yearn for it. We ask them to conform for six to eight hours per day, five days a week. Students thrive on variety, movement, choice, voice and experiences, so it is up to us to give them what they deserve.
Keep in mind, we are asking students across the world to change, grow, conform, and “do” our way. It is time Now that we put a little WD-40 on that rusty, compliance combo lock and open it up. Show you trust them. Give them the opportunity to flub up. Be the teacher that has built such stellar relationships with your whole class that they will do ANYTHING for you. In return, give them a little voice AND choice.
Follow these great Leaders in writing, reading and literature! Pernille Ripp, Jennifer Wolfe, Annick Rauch, CameronCarter, Travis Crowder, Kristen Nan, Sarah Johnson, Tamara Letter, Jeff Zoul and MaryHoward to name a few.
Who do you model your writing after? Which EduWriters should we watch for to learn from? 

Voice and Choice. We get it every day. Why don’t our students get this luxury?

Thursday, December 6, 2018

I Can't

     I'm sure you hear this all day from students. Sometimes from parents, staff members and it even dribbles out of your mouth too! The words? Ike Ant, or I Can't.
     There is so much data on Growth Mindset, Fixed Mindset, Positivity and Failing Forward, but are we really getting the reach we need? Are we actually changing our next generation, but focusing on #Yet, #Can, #Will and the fact that it is alright to #Fail, but not give up?
     Like millions (literally) of us that have read Carol Dweck's amazing work Mindset, it has opened us up to Growth and Fixed Mindsets, or ways we are influenced by our talents and/or abilities. Is this enough?
     Similar to a plethora of educators, I work to instill a Growth Mindset in all the students, teachers, parents, and friends that I run into. Am I perfect at it? No, not YET. But everyday I continue the struggle to show 800 students, 50 staff members and countless parents, that YET is possible. Why is this so difficult? What am I doing wrong? Is it how the brain is wired?
     One line in Dweck's book really stands out to me, "With the right mindset, you can motivate those you lead, teach, and love—to transform their lives and your own." What really resonates with me is the word MOTIVATE. As educators, we are many things, and one of them without a doubt is a MOTIVATOR. How many times have you tried to coerce, encourage, bribe, trick, inspire and "fire up" a student? Many, I'm sure. With our passion as educators and servants, comes a responsibility to MOTIVATE and remove the I CAN'T, and transform it into I WILL TRY, or OK! We all have the magic my friends, and at times, we may need to fall upon a colleague to reignite our own mindset!
     This is especially true when it comes to mathematics. In my mind, there is no one more qualified to give us concrete, easy to understand data on the power of mindsets for math than Jo Boaler. This amazing Stanford researcher, professor, and expert on math gives us the science behind the "WHY" so many students hate and fail in mathematics. The old "I'm not a math person" is really just an excuse or fable! We can continue to learn, and change our brains with the correct mindset through a very advanced age. Why not start early with students? 
     From her book, Boaler finds that "Scores of students hate and fear math, so they end up leaving school without an understanding of basic mathematical concepts". Why? well, timed tests and pushing speed over mastery is one reason. Math anxiety is real, but so many educators fail to understand, or to follow the research and shove the timed math facts, or math minutes down our children's throats! Check out her YOUCUBED resources for a plethora of amazing studies and REAL data about it!
     I'm not blaming anyone on this, as intentional or instilled with malice, but come on folks, we know what is right and wrong. The data and evidence is clear, some now are just refusing to acknowledge it with " Oh, I still believe timed tests work", or "I really see the value in timed math facts". Really? Do you see the struggle at home and the pure, anguish and anxiety? Believe me, I've lived it.
     So, now what? Well, talk to a Growth Mindset adopter. Follow Jo Boaler, Carol Dweck, Alice Keeler, and so many others that have actually data, research and proof about what works, not just 20 years of "My experience in the classroom shows me".
#AllKids matter. Not some. Not most, but ALL.  Don't we ask hundreds, of thousands of students to change, grow and fail or try, every single day? With that being said, maybe it's time for the adults to do the same thing!

Go. Get it my friends. Get rid of the Ike Ant (I Can't) and MOTIVATE our youth with I can, I will, Not Yet, and Heck to the Yes!