Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why I love my job!

Why I love my job!

It’s not everyday you GET to be someone who can positively impact the lives of others. Me? Yes, I GET TO DO THIS EVERYDAY!

  • I Get to hug that sullen-faced child
  • I Get to play Tetherball, hula hoop, and kickball
  • I Get to READ to classes
  • I Get to celebrate WINS
  • I Get to help students solve problems
  • I Get to see teachers MOTIVATE kiddos
  • I Get to watch children grow, literally in real-time
  • I Get to collaborate, problem solve and communicate
  • I Get to high five and knuckle pound all day
  • I Get to smile and laugh with kids that may not do that at home
  • I Get to leave school knowing that tomorrow will be another chance to improve the life of SOMEONE


  1. Well said, Chief!!
    These are a few of the many reasons why you are a great Principal for our school community!!

  2. I love my job too. And I am always happy to read the stories and experience of other teachers. Teaching and loving it can be hard for the teachers sometimes, but the excitement and the thrill that the teachers get back from the kids is just priceless. The picture of Yoda is just great. The teachers have to be wise all the time to find the right approach and to give the kids all they need for the successful learning. While somebody thinks that teacher can be replaced by online learning, since today we can order custom college papers online, I believe that the true value of the teachers is yet to show itself soon.